The Man of Steel.

Honestly, and quite frankly I was posting this post too late. I had decided to post this even a month before. Alright, there is nothing called late/too late. Today is the fine day to post.

Lesson from the book. The Wit and Wisdom of Ratan Tata. Even more I was keep searching bit further. Additionally, we have to learn 5 entrepreneurship lessons to learn from Ratan Tata. Finally, my favorite quote. Just a single quote.

  1. Ethics and values are most important.
  2. Be your own self.
  3. Experience each and every phase.
  4. Passion rules us all.
  5. Go question it!
  6. Do something that you have never done before.
  7. Mantra to always keep innovating.
  8. Moderately successful.
  9. The fear of competition.
  10. Some more quotes.
  • Barriers to innovation are usually in mind.
  • Take the stones people throw at you. And use them to build monuments.
  • Ups and downs in life are more important. Because a straight line even in ECG means we are not alive.
  • Nothing can destroy a person but his own mindset.
  1. My favorite one:

“You can put a gun to my head and pull the trigger or take the gun away; I won’t move my head.


5 entrepreneurship lessons.

  1. Never give up on values.
  2. Take risks.
  3. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
  4. Have faith in yourself.
  5. Share your success.

Finally, my quote.

“I don’t believe in taking right decisions. I take decision and then make them right”.




With respect.



essential_managers_manual_1489540962_4ec11b6fEXCHANGING INFORMATION:


Documents that are written well, easy to understand, and keep to the point are composed by people who have clarified their thoughts before writing. Make your letters effective by thinking before you write, and always writing what you think.


  • Visualize the reader when you are writing a letter or report.
  • Delegate writing routine replies to an assistant.
  • Avoid using complicated, unusual words or abstract terms – they may obscure your meaning.
  • Order your thoughts – even making notes – before you start writing a letter.


Plan what you want to say in your letter.

Write a whole letter without pause.

Reread the letter when you have finished.

Edit the letter by cutting ruthlessly.

Check spelling and punctuation, then send.


  • Attract the attention of the reader by stating why you are writing. Use humour if appropriate;
  • Engage the reader’s interest by arousing his or her curiosity about what you are saying.
  • Provoke desire in the reader by making your proposal or product sound attractive;
  • Convince the reader that your letter rings true by supplying references or guarantees;
  • Stimulate action on the part of the reader by explaining what you expect him or her to do.


With respect.




Yesterday, I got a pic from an Instagram page. 14 movies for entrepreneurs. But I keep on searching movies for entrepreneurs. Finally, I got the 20 movies for entrepreneurs. I’m quite happy to share with you all.

  1. The Social Network. (2010)
  2. Jerry Maguire. (1996)
  3. Joy. (2015)
  4. Wall Street. (1987)
  5. The Devil Wears Prada. (2006)
  6. Office Space. (1999)
  7. Erin Brockovich. (2000)
  8. The Founder. (2016)
  9. Baby Boom. (1987)
  10. Big Night. (1996)
  11. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. (1971)
  12. It’s a Wonderful Life. (1946)
  13. Tommy Boy. (1995)
  14. The Intern. (2015)
  15. The Pursuit of Happyness. (2006)
  16. You’ve Got Mail. (1998)
  17. Moneyball. (2011)
  18. Steve Jobs. (2015)
  19. The Big Short. (2015)
  20. Chef. (2014)

If I missed some of the movies. Please add in the comments below.



With respect.


Trust very few.

I was often hungry for motivational quotes. This is the quote I had seen often over the last 3 years several times. Respect is the most valuable one, you should give it to the people. When you are reaching an upper level in life, you should learn well to respect others. It cannot be advised by others to you unless you realize.

When it comes to trust, you cannot be blind to all. If you have a huge set of people are trustful. That’s great. A trust is not coming by wealth/power. It comes with an understanding of people. It’s like a bond. Lifelong bond.

I think human mind has two sides like coins. Either keeping a full of trust on everybody or never trust anyone.

For me, what I think is, please don’t trust too sooner, please don’t decide, I’m not gonna trust anyone.

Trust few, you actually knew your surroundings. Who are they?

With the matter of trust, no more blind view. If people are distrust to you, the relationship becomes valueless. Then it seems very hard, again to keep build trust with the existing or new one.

To be more specific, three things you should never break:

  1. Trust.
  2. Promise.
  3. Heart.

Here, we can learn more about, how trust plays. So, learn how to trust a person. A trust might happen in a fraction of second or even it takes years.

But, please don’t forget to respect all. I already made a post on “Learn to respect yourself”. Then you should learn again to respect others.

Dear readers, if you have any thoughts on trust or any additional point should I have to include. Please down the comments below.

Others could be benefitted. Particularly, me.


With respect.






Ladies and gentleman. Pay attention, please.

I’m not giving a multitasking motivation. I’m conscious of this topic. Although, I’m writing with consciousness.

In the initial point of time, people say, please stop multitasking. In this dynamic world, we have to learn to be a multitasker, at least some point. we might adapt to multitask. Not too much of the tasks. But we knew the priority right! So, let’s plan the tasks, we should learn to do with a bare minimum of 2 tasks and maximum three. This is what I suggest. But, the capacity of humans varies from one to another. What I think is, we should be more careful with handling those tasks. More importantly, it should not make us to burnout or mental stress/all the tasks should not get ruined.

Why I had chosen to do multitask/ to write the topic about multitasking.

What I’m feeling is, getting this done. Along with productivity is also a more important one. I’m not sure about if you multitask, the work gonna be productive. May or might be. So, I would like to repeat again let’s do some multitask in the day. Things have to settle. Let’s adjust ourselves.

If the above statements might seem critical or notorious. Sorry, bare with me. I would like to write one more opinion.

Write the priorities. If we have five priorities. If the first is almost important. Please finish it off, the first one. Don’t concentrate on the others. But when it comes to priority number 4 and 5. We might consider doing the 4 and 5 simultaneously. I don’t know how this sounds to you all my dear avid readers. This is my opinion and suggestions.

If this is not working out. Kindly leave it. Also, readers can suggest a thought in the comments below.

Can we do this multitasking to getting things done?

Readers, please don’t mistake me. I’m feeling awkward to write this particular topic. My view and I’m suggesting. In fact, I’m wrong. Please, comments below.


With respect.


It is such a proud to run my 13th marathon. 21 kilometres with irregular practice. Sounds bad to you all. Even though it sounds, but I have to run, I need to stay engaged with my game. If I run least monthly once, I will know myself,

Where am I?

What’s my position?

My bad chip time is 02:53:10 seconds.

No matter.

I feel like still, I can do more if I practice regularly. When I was running, my mind wanders.

What if I practice every day?

What if I keep my fitness regime at a good level?

Feeling horrible. If I stopped at that moment, I lost. Because I should not do that. That’s not my sport ethic. Foremost, I should run. Eventually, I will know myself where am I?

The pain and pleasure taught me a lot.

The feelings. I could not express through words.

This is the second year I’m running. Last I ran with a bit good chip time 02:10:37 seconds. With a good amount of practice. I agree with myself.

What should I do?

I have to maintain discipline.

I have to work on every day.

I have to take care of my game.

At last, I’m quite happy, I got a finisher medal. It’s bronze.


With respect.


Early risers, workouts, meditation, reading, preparing a to-do-list, late night.

The day cannot be smooth. The reality of every entrepreneur struggles. Also, every entrepreneur should have enough mental capacity to handle the day. Everyday struggles and failures make them deliver better results.

It’s not something that comes if you work months or a year. I often said to myself and several times in the past post too. You need to ready to work for a decade and decades.

Every day, things might not go as per the plan. You plan seems vague. You R and D might fail. Whatever it is!

You have to correct yourself and your way of doing things. Matter most.

If you take me, I usually think a lot. As an entrepreneur, thinking, keep thinking. Every day, what I usually decide is, I need to come up with the results. I should not myself, compromise/convenience. If I could not come up. What is it?

It’s gonna be a big question mark. I cannot leave the day as it is.

Failures never gonna affect me. Whether success or failure. I have to show the results. Precisely on my R and D and my idea.

I would love to say again and again my entrepreneurial quotes:

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

“Great things take time”.

Every entrepreneur has to know his/her duties and responsibilities. If you think, being an entrepreneur is a passive income or becoming a billionaire or trillionaire. Things never ever gonna works.


With respect.