quote-the-people-who-are-crazy-enough-to-think-they-can-change-the-world-are-the-ones-who-steve-jobs-48-83-41Aren’t you!

Being or feeling crazy doesn’t mean you aren’t right or you don’t have clarity.

If would you like to take an inspirational American business magnate, entrepreneur and investor who was the co-founder of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs. The man who was crazy to deliver premium products across the globe.

Mr Jobs was full of passionate and crazy to do the stuff. That’s the ultimate point where the was Apple born.

They ready to do/make mistakes and swallow the losses. They are an experimental persona. They take phenomenal challenges. And they bounce back finally.


With respect.



I’m not gonna talk about the perfect moment. Because successful people say, there is nothing called a perfect moment.

This is the right time.

This is the right day.

I will attach these lines in my everyday journal often.

There is no good or bad time. If would you like to start something, what you love! This is the right time. This is the right day.

We are driven by hesitation and surrounded by naysayers. Ringing in our ear and they simply say, this isn’t the right time.

When I started writing, I have no idea to start a blog or Facebook page. I just keep on writing. I love writing. I feel I have to write. Eventually, I just started it. Because with no hesitation I started. I knew that I’m gonna face lot of naysayers. I knew that I don’t have any writing skills.

Just a sec, I thought this the right time to start.

Whatever it is.

If we our-self still don’t know, when and where to start. Nothing works.

At some point in time, if you start realizing I have to start something. Have some preparation for work. If not, fine, jump into it. That’s your right time.

If you had chosen today is the day to do the things, no way and no compromise you have to get ready and start at that particular moment.


With respect.




These books contain all aspects with regards to your professional and successful carrier. So far, from reading and getting recommendations from online and offline.

These are the 12 books. I read a few and some books are still yet to read. Over the past 7 years, I was reading a lot. Readers who are reading my blog post knew that 2 books (SIN, SEX AND SELF-CONTROL by NORMAN VINCENT PEALE and THE FIVE TEMPTATIONS OF A CEO by PATRICK LENCIONI). I had updated in my blog.

Apart from those two, I would like to recommend 12 books to read along with your favourite books. I sincerely suggest you can add my books to your book-shelf.














The last two books are vast. I think that’s not a matter for a reader. To understand those two, you have to dedicate yourself. I started reading those two. It’s insightful. I strongly recommend. Ladies and gentleman. Go-Ahead.


With respect.


Certain questions you need to ask yourself before asking your mentors/others. Before committing towards your goals. Aspiring successful people jump into their clarity and strategy.

Their questions are:

Do I have the clarity on my goals?

What strategy do I need to reach the goals?

That’s it!

I’m gonna succeed.


These questions are absolutely needed. I’m not denying.

Ladies and gentleman.

But unless you need to learn to commit. You must have a set of questions. To learn yourself.

I’m not saying that you must have the clarity and strategy when you decided towards your goals. But only some people have a clear mind when they had chosen their goals. Some might not.

Here, my questions are apart from the clarity and strategy.

  1. Am I still committed on my goals, even if I fall in the depth or on the peak?
  2. Am I gonna make sacrifice my time till success knocks your door?
  3. Even if my success takes a decade or more to attain it. Am I ready to commit?


With respect.


How did you make a workplace a distraction-free?

Because, if we are looking for productivity. We must make the workplace to be good.

But, logically we can say, there is nothing called the good workplace. Rather we can create from our home or visiting a library.

The library is fantastic for work.

But in our home, we can create distraction-free. By keeping the best/favourite books, adequate stationeries, papers, board and PC. Keep your mobiles/Telephones in an Airplane mode or silent mode. There are enough possibilities to create such kind of workplace.

Let’s paint the wall, paste the wallpapers and charts. Looks delightful. You could able to feel the sensation.

Whenever you are in the room, you can do the job well-focused.

I knew that it’s all comes from inside of the mind. Also, if the outside of the structure looks or feels good. Your mind will stretch towards productivity.


With respect.



So far, I was talking about productivity. This is something important I wanna convey. In the least precise manner.

Be busy on improving yourself. There is nothing wrong if you are learning and growing.

Never mind someone’s job. Because they knew their plan. So, they keep on improving, they aren’t like you. They never compare.

Who are they (I’m mentioning)?

They are successful people. They never mind others. They knew what it takes to succeed.

When you are gonna be one of them?

So, just keep on doing. Have a successive feeling. Even though, failure will cross your road.




With respect.


Not sounds awkward.

We should have sound knowledge. But it doesn’t mean we have to reach perfection.

To be at the level of sound knowledge. You must have to maintain some sort of consistency in the particular or several fields. It not mandatory you must be in a specific field. People are there with multi-ambitious mindset. This post should not affect them.

If you take me, for instance, I’m multi-ambitious. Not too many but certain fields, I’m interested. Which I keep on working for the past seven years. So, nothing wrong with it.

Things will work if you are ready to put efforts. No matter how many things.

Have a set of patience. To get the best results. Don’t jump onto conclude to quit.

I often reiterate to several contents. “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Or Great things take time”.

Sound knowledge is not a destination that you need to reach.

But if would you like to learn. You have to have a mentality as keep on learning.

It’s all about willingness that makes you move every single day.

No matter how many mistakes you are making.


How many failures you had attained?

How many naysayers you are facing?

It’s all up to you. To keep upgrading.


With respect.