There is nothing wrong with bad writings. The more you engage with the habit of writing, the more possibilities you could get better.

Keep writing matters most.

The reality of every writer, the word I mentioned in the content “Keep calm” never matches. In order to get a better rhythm of writing, you should be able to calm yourself. You should develop a habit of devoting a certain time on writing.

The most challenging part is, you should write a topic on every single day. Even more, you have to be flexible to write at any time. In the mid of the night, the ideas could arise. So, you can keep your paper and pen beside your bed. Gladly, you can write whatever comes to your mind. If you feel that, this content is too important to write it now, you have to jump into writing. If you procrastinated, things will be unfair. After a certain point in time, you cannot fulfil. The ideas will be there in your mind. It’s too hard to implement. If you are planning to start today or right now. Just start. keep doing it.

The more you start at an earlier point in time, that’s gonna be fantastic.

I still remember, my procrastination, regarding my writing. In my college days, I write a few. I write that’s it. But the problem is I never maintained the rule as keep on writing. Most of the days, I feel like I have to write. Few days, I have good ideas to write. But I didn’t. Over the last few months, I was rushed to write, I was determined to write, I would love to write.

Now at this moment, if I’m able to keep calm or not, I will keep on writing.  I don’t wanna waste time, I just have to keep writing.

Keep writing.


With respect.


I wonder myself, to use this term. Because we cannot expect everything as we wish. Rather we can make some set of calculations. If I’m doing an experiment or R and D, I cannot expect the things to happen. What I should do is, I can make some calculated predictions, my final results might come in this way. If I failed, there are some turning point that I can do.

Before I started writing a blog, I had a huge set of expectations along with my dreams. It was a rough expectation. After several blog posts, I understood. I cannot expect anymore. Better I should do the groundwork, better I can keep on writing, that’s okay even too terrible. In every blog post, I could able to see my mistakes. I will try to adjust my level of writing, rather than I myself think like a skilled writer with a huge set of insane/notorious expectations.

Right now, I knew bit better how my writing works. Without giving a shot, I cannot say, things will gonna happen this way. Might be after several shots. I could be calculative. My approach started changing.

I had a good reason to write this post right now, because in my life, over the last 10 years. I expected a lot. To be quite frank and honest, “nothing worked out”. Very few incidents, I have done some rough calculations by asking myself,

What if?

What if not?

How calculative am I?

I started these kinds of successful habits. I would like to this is a successful habit. Every successful people will a calculated move.


With respect.



Sometimes or oftentimes, we feel or the day with unproductive. The only option to keep your day better productive is the upcoming day. Rather than, being upset or broken. This upset might carry as a burden. Might be could not able to sleep at all.

Actually, I have to deliver a relevant valuable line here,

“A single bad page never ruins the whole book”. Paraphrased.

Before gonna bed, we must say, “that’s okay”.

But never compromise to be productive on tomorrow morning. If you are carrying the same burden. Then you are sabotaging yourself.

I personally have a bad opinion on successful people, I thought days and kinds of stuff are smooth for them. That is actually wrong.

Nobody knows how Ratan Tata faced tough challenges when Tata started manufacturing a car.

Nobody knows, how Warren Buffett applied the power of compound interest with extreme patience.

We still yet to know a lot about those people. Particularly, when I was watching Mr Buffett’s documentary and Mr Ratan’s speech. I understood, to move forward towards success.

We must learn to bounce back from setbacks. We should thrive for success. There is nothing wrong if you are still holding a dream, trying every day and waiting for success. There is nothing wrong if your day ends in extremely terrible.

Are you looking forward to tomorrow?

Do you have grit and determination to face the next day?

Will these upsets and setbacks will gonna stop you?

The moment you took a step (even a single step) towards success, your successful journey starts!


With respect.


Motivation is not a myth.

The motivation could be through audible or words, but it must convey a certain purpose/value. It is not simply brainwashing people or making people to listen to your words.

When you are realized by several motivational speeches. Some kind of deep thoughts will arise, that’s the right motivation. Search for the right motivation. Even one or more, numbers doesn’t matter, but the motivation has to play a prominent role in your entire life. The motivation should not simply for a day/month. The right motivation will travel with you. You can watch every day or write in your everyday journal. Well, some people hold their motivation every day. Some not. If you are holding the right motivation, that would be great.

You knew yourself, certain motivation will make you great. Precisely, your attitudes and IQ will go extreme point. Philosophically, you feel a sense of understanding within yourself/you started knowing yourself what is going on.

Search the right motivation. keep on searching it. You might get today or tomorrow or you will get definitely in your lifetime. But you should not fall in the wrong motivation.

I personally, not deliberately to be a motivation speaker/writer. I’m not decided to be a motivational writer/speaker at all.  I just keep on thinking, about the motivations. I see I hear. Along with my curiosity, motivations made me more enthusiastic. I’m not myself sure, how am I gonna convey to people, but the moment I was thinking. The next moment, I started doing it. I said to myself, just give the right motivation to people. Be careful, when you are using certain illustrations. Just give an open speech. Be real and practical.

Better to keep quiet and accept, “I don’t know, what to convey today.” Rather than giving a fake motivation.


With respect.




Reaching an audience:

It pays to take care over preparing and delivering speeches, whether for presentations, seminars, conferences, or training. Audiences find it easier to absorb information by eye than by ear, so use audio-visual (AV) techniques when possible.


  • Finish your speech before than allotted time rather than long after it.
  • Keep physical (or at least mental) back-ups in case your AV aids fail.
  • Ask questions of the audience if it is slow to ask questions of you.
  • Speak for 20-45 minutes maximum – this is the length of the average person’s attention span.


The three crucial steps in getting your messages across are to tell the audience what you are going to say, say it, and then repeat what you said.

  1. Introduce a message.
  2. Convey the message.
  3. Repeat the message.


Make your body language positive. Use gestures to reinforce your points – but sparingly. If you are fluent and confident without notes, do not use them.


With respect.


One more valuable information. I got from Pinterest this week. I would love to share it.

  1. Ignore your inner critic.
  2. Write first – edit later.
  3. Keep learning! Join writer’s group, take a class, attend a conference.
  4. Make time to write every day.
  5. Get published! Send out submissions…. or decide to self-publish.
  6. Be you! No one writes quite like you.
  7. Try something new: Experiment with a different genre.
  8. Have fun! Enjoy being a writer.
  9. Develop an author platform: social media, website, book trailers, blog.
  10. Set goals: “A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with plan and deadline.” Harvey Mackey.


With respect.



Time management is life management. You, me, we and they (Bill Gates and Ratan Tata) all have 24 hours.

Why their time was too productive?

I think they have their purpose and the vision to do the things in a given 24 hours. They value time. They thought the time is more valuable than money.

Legendary Investor, Warren Buffett says, I can buy anything, but I cannot buy time.

How they are using their time?

Sorry, I don’t know exactly. What I realized is, they plan well advance. They knew what to do. It is not doing something, but you have to calculative. Particularly regards to the time.

Maintain a standard time to do your work. Please do not plan for an entire 24 hours. It would be hard at the initial point of time. Fix your time and do the best work. After a month, the entire 24 hours will be in your hand. You will take control of the time.

What I usually do is, I have a set of time to read and write. I set strong time to do my works because I knew that things never gonna work as much as easy for me. I have to be strict with myself. My passion drives me. It doesn’t mean that you should not waste a single minute. You can spend your time with loved ones. Fine, but you should learn to evaluate the time. You should know, what’s happening in the 24 hours.

How much productive am I?

Do I balance the time and work?

Or am I irregular?

The final question is,

How much time can I set to work in 24 hours?

With respect.