Some of the source links I would like to leave to my readers. I would sincerely encourage you all to visit the links, read and research further. I started knowing the value of sleep. Quite honestly, I valued sleep lot more than ever now-a-days.

Usually, I won’t sleep most of the whole nights. Then I understand why sleep is important and how my body started reacting right now without sleep. I am sure, a year before I won’t sleep properly because notoriously sleep isn’t in my priority lists. Flexibly, I won’t sleep whole night. I hold a strong attitude by saying to myself.

  1. I am not gonna sleep because I wanna write and a bit more research required too.
  2. I am not gonna sleep because tomorrow is my marathon. What if I cannot wake up? Everything will be ruined.
  3. I am not gonna sleep because I need to prepare for my exams.

These are the honest reasons, I blindly rejected and not giving priority to sleep. When my body and mind started reacting so badly. I understood may be total lack of sleep was the factor. My mom sincerely advised me sleep well. With hesitation, I suddenly said “ok”. Then I tried. But I could not follow every day.

Finally, I started reading a book Why We Sleep by an author Matthew Walker. I started reading right now. Half of the book was completed. Thank god. I picked up as early.


With respect.