Wishing you all, from this day 20th of March will be your happiest day and happiest year too.

I understood that, happiness is our choice. Today, from this moment, if you choose/wish to be happy. Just be happy. Nobody, not even a single living creature cannot make you sad.

It is totally up to you. If your mind and heart choosing be happy. Nothing will gonna upset you. Unless, you sabotage yourself. I think, this is the common rule. It took me 27 years to understand this common rule. Thank you almighty, at least, I understood now.

More often, I said to myself “no matter what, be happy”.

“Whatever it is, be happy”

“Be happy for no reason”.

There are some of the most relevant and moreover recognizable quotes by Buddha for happiness,

Mind is the master, so let’s train our mind to see learning curve and happiness in every situation.

Today is my birthday. My 27th birthday.

Sorry to say but, I wonder how I was born in March 20 (International Day of Happiness) sounds paradoxical. But anyway, I must stop wondering paradoxically from today onwards. I should be happy to live my live wisely and peacefully with a wider learning curve and altruistic mindset.

Quite wisely speaking, “life always gives us an opportunity to live, learn and deliver”. Let’s do it.

Respected readers,

Please correct me, if I am wrong. Success required in life that’s it, not ruthlessly required. Failures are the most valuable lessons in our life.

Whether success or failure, be happy. Nothing will gonna upset us. Do not let your success and failures to ruin your happiness and peace.

I think, every human has an inner/deeper heart, the place where the happiness and peace stays. Let’s keep our happiness and peace in that particular place. Never let any situation to affect that place.

Let’s proceed our life with happiness.

With respect.



Some of the source links I would like to leave to my readers. I would sincerely encourage you all to visit the links, read and research further. I started knowing the value of sleep. Quite honestly, I valued sleep lot more than ever now-a-days.

Usually, I won’t sleep most of the whole nights. Then I understand why sleep is important and how my body started reacting right now without sleep. I am sure, a year before I won’t sleep properly because notoriously sleep isn’t in my priority lists. Flexibly, I won’t sleep whole night. I hold a strong attitude by saying to myself.

  1. I am not gonna sleep because I wanna write and a bit more research required too.
  2. I am not gonna sleep because tomorrow is my marathon. What if I cannot wake up? Everything will be ruined.
  3. I am not gonna sleep because I need to prepare for my exams.

These are the honest reasons, I blindly rejected and not giving priority to sleep. When my body and mind started reacting so badly. I understood may be total lack of sleep was the factor. My mom sincerely advised me sleep well. With hesitation, I suddenly said “ok”. Then I tried. But I could not follow every day.

Finally, I started reading a book Why We Sleep by an author Matthew Walker. I started reading right now. Half of the book was completed. Thank god. I picked up as early.


With respect.