How 24 hours passes in a day?

Can we able to calculate every minute in a day? Not ruthlessly, but more often in a proper schedules.

How we are simply passing the time in a day?

The above particular question is very important. We would definitely say, this year 2021 gonna we superb year. But if we follow most of our time every day in a certain way to learn and explore. That would be great.

Why am I writing this content?

Almost 3 months over in 2021, what is the oath?

What are the resolutions we took this year?

What is the progress and results so far over the last 3 months?

Why some days are good (allocating 24 hours in a good and productive manner) or some aren’t?

So how can we make our progress and results better by taking advantage of our 24 hours in a day?

You could see in my earlier blog posts, I keep on saying every day is important and every minute is too important. Sometimes, we could probably waste couple of minutes or even an hour also. That’s quite okay.

How far we are more conscious about 24 hours in a day?

It is not simply to run along the time. Let’s know, from our schedules.

What is going on in our watch while we see?

Let’s watch our time and let’s see.

If we are really good and productive with time, there could be no regret when we are lying in our bed at every night. We can probably close our eyes and sleep well.

I could define allocating time in three ways:

1. Wasting the time with no impact on the work.

2. Investing the time with something good ways, but it wasn’t related to your work. That’s good too.

3. Following the strict schedules in our related work. No matter what. Too good.  

Are we consistent with our time on every day?

So far, I started realising, proper time management with consistency brings great results.

Let’s count the time (spending and wasting).

With respect.

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